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Snap & Hear!

Do you know a someone can snap photos and listen in on you via any camera or microphone on your system without your knowledge?

What is your Choice?

Choosing the Right Antivirus is between making your system safer from or more prone to vicious Malware.

Silent Watcher

Do you know your Server/Desktop/Mobile screen can be viewed & recorded remotely even without you knowing?

Who knows my data?

Do you know confidential and private data can be removed without the owner's knowledge?

Secure your Server/Desktops/Mobiles!

Secure your workers' devices using DrWeb suites of security applications

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Protect Your Data!

Keep your company's crucial informations under wrap using Zecurion suites of DLP softwares

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Dr.Web CureNet! Master 10.0 for iOS released

Posted By miderli1

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released Dr.Web CureNet! Master 10.0 for iOS, a centralised means of checking and treating PCs and servers running the Windows operating system. Administrators can use this utility to scan and cure computers remotely, directly from their iPhone or

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