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Zgate is the most comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product available, enabling companies to monitor all forms of outbound network traffic and online communications, and identify sensitive information and prevent it from leaving the network.

Today it is difficult to imagine a company in which employees do not use e-mail and the Internet. But if employees go outside the corporate network, there is a risk of leakage of confidential information. An incorrect address accidentally entered, shared “secret” insider information with a friend on Google Talk, a document uploaded to public file sharing – such minor offenses sometimes lead to fatal consequences.

Zecurion Zgate uses hybrid content analysis – combining digital fingerprints, Bayesian methods, and heuristic detection – to filter outbound traffic and detect confidential data with unmatched precision. Email, webmail, social networking, instant messaging, and other online channels provide ample opportunity for the compromising of sensitive information – whether intentionally or through honest error.





The loss or theft of confidential data not only leads to direct financial losses, but also to a loss of confidence among customers, partners, and investors.

Any leakage of data leads to increased attention from regulators and the media. This increases the risk of financial liability for breach of industry standards and legislation that governs the protection of personal data and other confidential information.



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