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Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite

Miderlin Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite

Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite

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Featuring Dr.Web for Windows

Protection of workstations, embedded system clients, terminal server clients and virtual server clients

Key features

Efficient detection and neutralization of all types of threats.
> Fast multi-thread scanning powered by multi-core systems.
> Protection from latest malicious programs designed to bypass detection by traditional signature-based scan and heuristic analysis.
> Protection of data against corruption.
> Comprehensive analysis of packed threats.
> Scan of archived files at any nesting level.
> Best detection and neutralization of complex viruses.
> Filters spam and other types of unsolicited messages without training the anti-spam.
> Real time scanning of traffic on all ports.
> With secure search, Google, Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing and Rambler will only return links to content considered safe by the search engines—unsafe content is filtered out by the search engines!
> Secure communication – instant messenger traffic filtering.
> Efficient protection of children against exposure to objectionable content
> Prevent unauthorized use of removable devices and the computer.
> Dr.Web Cloud – check URLs on Doctor Web’s servers.> Protects against unauthorized access by a network; prevents data leaks; blocks suspicious connections on package and application layers.
> Remote administration from other computers in the local network without installing the Dr.Web Control Center



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